The Orange Moon hand-made Panettone is a result of an ongoing research on the way of creativity, but still in the limits of the great tradition of the Italian pastry.

It is embellished with unique and unforgettable features: a softness and a lightness which come only after an accurate and long raising process;

The full and balanced flavour of the various basic ingredients, all of the greatest choice, perceivable one by one but also blending perfectly.

The dome, with its brown shade revealing the right level of baking or covered of icing for the gourmets, is a triumph of colours and flavours, which are released at the first cut: the intense yellow of category A eggs, speckled with soft, juicy raisins and small cubes of candied Sicilian oranges of our production, together with the fragrant orange and lemon essential oils, recalling orange blooms and sea breeze.

The rich aroma of butter…

And then the white or dark finest chocolate, the exotic note of ginger and coconut, the luxury of blood lime and yuzu lemon, the delicacy of wild berries and Sicilian pistachios…

After baking, the Orange Moon hand-made Panettoni are wrapped and packed manually, then dispatched immediately to get at the soonest and at their best on your table.

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